Mother of the Bride Dresses That Your Mom Can Actually Wear After the Wedding


At a wedding, all eyes should be on the bride. After all, it’s her day. But just because the bride does not want to be upstaged, does not mean the mother of the bride should be out of fashion. Today, mothers of the bride are no longer willing to blend in with the wallpaper. They put in as much time as the bride to find the right look. Frump is out and style is in. They wear dresses that are well-tailored and age appropriate. Their shoes, bags, jewelry, and other accessories are expertly coordinated with their dresses. As they should, since wedding pictures are forever. Today, mothers of the bride are more than just mothers, they are style icons. They want dresses that perform in more than one function. Today, mothers of the bride want dresses they can actually wear after the wedding. Today, mothers of the bride can find all this, and more.

To get the perfect dress, mothers of the bride should follow five rules when picking out dresses for before, during, and after, the wedding:

Choose an outfit that respects the wedding color(s), however remember colors come in all palettes and hues. Bold does not always mean loud.
Simple is timeless. Following the latest fashion or runway trend limits the time and wearability of an outfit.
Tailored outfits for your body type will flatter your figure. Off the rack is fine, just remember to nip and tuck.
Accessorizing with lightweight outerwear not only is figure slimming, it takes an outfit from morning to night.
Let your accessories bring the detail. Busy dresses are generally bad decisions.
By body type, here are some Mother of the bride dresses that rule during and after the wedding rochii mireasa.

Small top, Wide bottom or Big top, Small bottom

A small top, wide bottom woman has a small to average bust, a slender waist, and full thighs and hips. To create a sense of balance with your body, wear two tone dresses with bright tops and darker bottoms. A-line skirts are slimming. Consider blousy and off the shoulder necklines which give depth. Adding matching or coordinated outerwear to the dress also brings balance. Here are styles that bring style to women with small tops, and wide bottoms.

Two two-toned dresses are flattering as well as functional. Choosing a dress with a white portrait collar or white strip of fabric outlining the neckline, as well as one with an embellished cinched waist bands, take emphasis away from the bottom.

If the mother of the bride is big on the top, but has a small bottom, do the reverse – bold colors on the bottom, with darker, muted colors on the top.

For either body type, a stunning Jacquard and sleeveless Shantung are attractive. Their embellished top dress can be worn alone or with its matching Jacquard jacket. The three-quarter jacket sleeves complement small or heavy set arms.

Tall and Slender

Tall and slender mothers of the bride have small busts, narrow waists and hips, and long lean arms. Choose light and soft colors, as well as pleats and full skirts, to round out your frame. If you add outerwear, choose one with large colors and cuffs.

Flattering styles include soft colors, like lilac. Hammered tiered round neck dresses, one-shoulder tiered long dresses with matching cover ups, and angled tier, empire style, cap sleeve dresses slim and bring attention to all the right places.


Round figured Mothers of the Bride have full busts, round midsections, and heavy arms. To bring balance buy dresses that create a line that gives height. If you’re petite or tall steer away from long flowy dresses. Knee length dresses are the most flattering. Combining a dress and outer coat of the same length, as with a Shantung coat and dress, or a two piece suit of the same color, as with this metallic brocade two piece, will also give a smooth line.

Curvy Body

Petite or tall, curvy mothers of the bride can wear almost anything because their bust, waist, and legs are in proportion. Fitted dresses are the most becoming. V and scoop necks show off the bust-line. Don’t hide your curves behind ill, loose fitting dresses, or blousy necklines.

This halter top, buckled waistline dress comes with a matching cover that can be worn over both or one shoulder. After the wedding, shorten the dress to just above the knee to create a flowing sophisticated dress wearable for many occasions.

Jacquard and Shantung broach detailed dresses with a three-quarter sleeved bolero or a two-piece black bolero and ruffled tank dress, can be worn with the bolero at the wedding, and without when the Mother of the bride needs more freedom.

Weddings are auspicious occasions. Today, mothers of the bride have a vast selection of dresses and ensembles that are stylish and fashionable. Selecting a well-tailored and ageless designed dress that complements your body type, mothers of the bride dresses can be worn after the wedding to all types of special occasions.

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