Using LED Strip Lights in Your Kitchen and Dining Room


Strips of light emitting diodes (LED) will go anywhere offering fantastic lighting. These strips are especially useful in kitchens and adjacent eating places. The very low voltage LED strips are energy efficient, light weight and each small bulb works separately. They can be super bright or very subtle. LED strips also utilize dimmers.

LED strips are offered in white colored and milder yellow tones. A remote color change controller is available with tens of thousands of different colour tones that can be set and easily changed with the lights.

LED strips also can be found in colors for all holiday decorations. The strips may work inside or out since cold weather is not just a issue for them. rigid led light bar

Kitchen usage of the LED strips include:

Under cabinets and shelves
Interior of pantries and cabinets
Under islands
Together the ceiling around kitchen and eating area
Under cupboards

The LED strips can be attached under hanging cupboards and cabinets above them. Thus giving your kitchen a soft glow in the evening. Overhead lights don’t need to worry around. People getting into the kitchen through the night can see where they are going without the bright lights.

The lights might be attached only above a floor below the lower cabinets so that soft light illuminates the ground. This helps in locating small items which may have fallen to the floor. Additionally, it aids in crossing the region.

The lights can also be placed on the top of a cabinet or on the walls . The cabinets could have open shelves without doors. The extra top lights might help to locate items on high shelves.

Pantries and cupboards

Place strips of lighting in an cabinet and connect the decoration to the light button. For those who have a walkin cupboard, the strips will light each one the shelves rendering it simpler to locate items at the back of a shelf.

The elastic strips can be set vertically in addition to horizontally on the walls of a cabinet as needed. The strips will even focus with the ceiling and also provide light to items placed at the rear of a plate. The strips can be placed above or below any shelf to assist in locating items that are stored.

The LED strips are quite effective in a cabinet, hutch or cupboard with glass doors. The subtle lights illuminate attractive dishes, glassware as well as other bits behind your doors. The decorating possibilities are endless each time a remote colour changer is used.

Under islands

LED lights placed directly under serving or island counters provide a stylish glow without glaring glowing lights. It shows that the island or counter to the best advantage, specially if it’s useful for meals.

LED lights under an island or pass-though counter may additionally help to illuminate storage cabinets under the counter’s overhanging border.

Dining room

LED strips connected to the wall just below the ceiling within a dining area adjoining your kitchen provide out a subtle shine. The lights can be modulated using a dimmer switch or color changer to get a romantic setting. This is an energy saving way to light up the dining area.

The light emitting diode strips arrive in spools and so they may be cut into the specified length. The strips may be attached together with peel and stick backing or they can be inserted into a metal tube that attaches into your wall or cabinet. Special socket connectors and controllers are available for lights set in different locations.

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